Ende Gelände! Disobedience.live

August 25, 2017 @ 19:00 – 23:59

Komm ins Spektral und sei via Live-Doku gemeinsam mit uns bei Ende Gelände am Start! Inklusive leckerem veganem Essen, Drinks und Snacks! :)

DIS_OBEDIENCE.LIVE is a live broadcasted documentary about 4 activists going on a journey to participate in the Ende Gelände civil disobedience action for climate justice: Sarakka from Sápmi, Sigrid from Sweden, Kevin from Spain and Juan from Colombia. All of them cool and inspiring people!

What will they experience confronting the powerful coal industry? Will they be able to disrupt business as usual? Will there be trouble with the cops? We hope they´ll have a great time!

Tune in anytime at http://www.disobedience.live/en
This is awesome! A unique experience!

Do you have a question for the activists or the film team?
Send a text message to +46703406480

All infos on the actions: http://ende-gelaende.org/
And always stay uptodate at https://twitter.com/ende__gelaende

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