Trans hoop educational fest – Day 1

Trans hoop educational fest – Day 1
January 20, 2018 @ 13:00 – 20:00
Trans hoop educational fest - Day 1

Trans hoop educational fest

Festival that combines education and performing arts trough workshops, lectures, documentary film and Gala show.
The festival is organized by Circus group Razbibriga in association with Happy hoop and individuals who practice this branch of education and performing arts.
7-12 people will be engaged in workshop leading, lecturing, performing and technical support

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Circus group Razbibriga
Razbibriga is NGO gathered around circus arts, active from 2008. In beginning it had two fractions- Razbibriga as educational part and K.I.C.K. (Kesten impro cabaret collective) as performing arts, today it is more focused on organization of CU’FUS (circus street festival in Samobor), CHC (Croatian hoop convention), Cirkuliranje (educational program), street shows, performances and shows. Razbibriga is active in Croatia and international festivals and projects in Europe.


for kids
Hula hoop workshop about basic use of this prop trough games and team work. Kids learn how to play in a group, how to follow, initiate changes in a game, work as a team, boost their self-confidence and body image.
*Leaders of the workshop have education/experience in leading workshops for kids

In this workshop, participants learn how to build their own prop and how to decorate it. Purpose of this workshop is to encourage participants to think about technical approach to building props, creative ways of expressing in decoration, and they can use it on workshops and take it home to practice and have a reminder of their work. Kids younger than 12 can participate with their parents.
*All material for building and decoration of props is provided by workshop leaders.

All levels
Different way of looking of learning moves with a hoop, where participants learn how to relax muscles, how to be aware of space within and outside yourself and the hoop, how to trust your senses… Hoop can be therapeutical to body and mind if we use it in that way.
*age limits- 14 to …..

Contemporary dance
Foundation of this workshop is consciousness of body and space trough movement. Participants learn how to give clearness to movement and how to integrate into the dance. Warmup techniques give participants ways to be aware of different muscles on body and how to move more consciously and freely.

Level UP
Hoop workshop for advanced level participants. Participants will enhance their knowledge and fill it with new movements and sequences.

An open type discussion on the need to link individuals and communities that work with hula hoops within Europe.
The discussion will have a moderator, a poll and will take place in English.

Elegant show of performers who are teaching at THE festival with their acts.
Program in duration around 30 minutes, with the program leader.

Documentary film about CHC (Croatian hoop convention), filmed in Lovran during the third CHC, 2016. Film is on the creation of the convention, educational program that it offers, program that was held in 2016., and it gives you a window to peek in our culture and community.
CHC documentary was filmed and edited by Ivan Tibor Grujić.
Duration: 25 min
*film is going to be reproduced with subtitles.

Contact: Lucija

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