2012-09-24: Social Network Analysis

Learn about and analyse Social Networks in general and the ones in the web in special.

Social Network Analyses @ University of Michigan

The course Social Network Analyses from the University of Michigan it’s all about network analyses and graphs. During the 8 weeks you will learn to use Gephi, NetLogo and R to analyse and understand different networks and their structures. There will also be used an exercise from social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

How it works

The class starts on the 1st of September and will consist of lecture videos, which are between 8 and 12 minutes in length. These contain 1-2 integrated quiz questions per video. There will also be standalone homeworks that are not part of video lectures, optional programming assignments, and a (not optional) final exam.

We will meet 1-2 times a week to watch & learn together, but how we manage this depends on the participating people’s needs and choice. The learning group can use Spektral for the learning session, but it’s not limited to it (i. e. learning at flats). This all will be discussed in the mailinglist and organized by doodles week by week.


Just subscribe to the Mailingliste and you are part of the learning group of the Freie Universität course in spektral. For taking part on coursera, please follow the instructions on their website.

This course will be held in English, so also international participants are very welcome.

Open Science Partnership

Members of the Open Science Project are also attending the course, so the whole exercises and experiences will be documented and done in a free and open way. Interested in doing it the open science way? Then look at their Open Science page for this lecture and join them too.

3 comments on “2012-09-24: Social Network Analysis
  1. murdelta says:

    Hi Richard, unfortunately not. The guys who organized these courses are not living here anymore and nobody else took their place. So there are no social network analysis courses anymore.


  2. Richard Henshaw says:


    Do you still run courses on social network analysis

  3. Rossitza Kaltenborn says:

    I would like to joint the course

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