Registration for the Free University courses this autumn is open

The registration for the online courses this autumn is online and the beginning is near. First course starting on 20th of August, last on 20th of September.

All three courses are part of the Free University project here at Spektral and will be supported by the Open Science Project, which is going to make the lectures and especially the exercises the Open Science way.

How this works

The Free University offers infrastructure and support for self-motivated and self-organized teaching and learning of emancipating knowledge. So, if the people find together, there will be an official appointment every week. If not, there will be no learning together. The organization will rotate by alphabet every week and will be done via doodle and the mailinglists. So there is no guarantee for anything, everything depends on the motivation and response of the participants – be free, be responsible.

If you know a better to handle this, just tell us. We are very interested to develop the organization and communication together.

So, what to do, if you want to join?

  1. Enroll to the course on coursera.
  2. Subscribe to the respective mailinglist.
  3. Take offensively part of the communication and organization.
  4. Have fun learning together.

The courses

The first one is Machine Learning on Stanford. A very interesting course about artificial intelligence and programming. It starts on 20th of August, so there are not at all 2 weeks left to subscribe the mailinglist and at the course, so hurry up! (Free University, Open Science, Mailinglist)

The second will be the Social Network Analyses Course on the Michigan State. It offers expertise in social network analyses with NetLogo and R. It starts sometimes in September, not fixed yet. (Free University, Open Science, Mailinglist)

The third and last one for this year is Computing for Data Analyses on Johns Hopkins School. It’s a short introduction into R and data analyses in 4 weeks. (Free University, Open Science, Mailinglist)

And last: Why English? That’s easy, cause all the courses will be held in english and so we can discuss with people from all over the world.

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