Exhibition: Art is our resilience / May 24th 2022 – 6pm

*Art is our Resilience* exhibition is part of the Erasmus+ project Youth+Art=Resilience in which Verein InterAktion is a partner. During the implementation of the project Verein InterAktion organized art workshops with young people with a refugee background and created some of the art pieces you will be able to see at Spektral starting with 24th of may, until the end of the month. Some of them were also created during the international Youth exchange “Art is our resilience” that took place in Schardorf and gathered 30 young people from Austria, Italy, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia.

On 24th at 18:00 (6pm) we meet at Spektral to open the exhibition and you will get more information about the project and get to know the people behind the exhibition in person.
The aim of the project is to help young people with fewer opportunities find refuge and resilience in the arts.

The arts can give people a voice and the power to face and resolve problems. Art has the power to bring communities closer, reveal stress, and help those in crucial positions such as youth with fewer opportunities to recover faster through the tough times. Art can be a refuge for many young people with fewer opportunities and help them cope with stress levels, anxiety, and improve their mental well-being. Art is used as a “tool” in youth work often for reflection purposes, self-expression, or measuring learning outcomes in an expressive way. With the project, we wish to build a bridge between the currently most vulnerable target group youth (indirectly youth sector) and the sector that provides the most inspiration for resilience (art and culture sector).

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